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Cherry Blossoms

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Japan’s Most Beautiful Cherry Blossom Festival You’ve Never Heard Of

The iconic Cherry Blossoms are what bring millions of tourists to Japan every year. March and April are peak times to visit Japan as many international and local tourists flock to Tokyo and Kyoto to witness the beautiful and pure moment of Sakura . Like many other…

When is the best time to visit Japan
Planning Seasonal Things to Do in Japan

Step 2: When is the best time to visit Japan?

Japan experiences a splendid array of different seasons which is highlighted by its beautiful nature and landscape. When looking at pictures of Japan it’s hard to pick which season to travel during. When is the best time to visit Japan? How do you pick from: Cherry blossoms in SpringSnow festivals…

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10 Reasons Why I Love Osaka: Our Favourite City

On April 12th my boyfriend and I set off from Melbourne to begin our much-anticipated trip to Japan. I had been dreaming of visiting Japan for so many years and Osaka was definitely at the top of my list. We arrived in Japan in mid-April believing that we would be missing…