Complete Step-by-Step Guide to Planning Your Trip to Japan

When I got the green light on my Japan holiday, I immediately delved into planning. Planning was essential because I wanted to create a fun and authentic experience. I had been dreaming of visiting for so long that planning was like putting all the pieces of the puzzle together. It can be overwhelming when you start planning a holiday. What do you see? When do you go? How much will it cost? It’s not easy as figuring out step 1, 2 and 3. Sometimes you have to be simultaneously planning to figure out how long you want to go for vs how long you can afford to go for!

My Planning series aims to help answer all your questions about your Japan trip before you left home. Each week I will run through all stages of planning, from creating your bucket list to budgeting. By the end of the series, you will be packed and ready to go!

The Ultimate Japan Bucket List

Step 1: The Ultimate Bucket List for Japan

Alright, so you’ve been dreaming about Japan and all the things you want to see and do.  Or maybe you just know that Japan is a fun and crazy place. The first thing to do is to sit down and make your bucket list or get your FREE Japan Bucket …
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When is the best time to visit Japan

Step 2: When is the best time to visit Japan?

Japan experiences a splendid array of different seasons which is highlighted by its beautiful nature and landscape. When looking at pictures of Japan it’s hard to pick which season to travel during. When is the best time to visit Japan? How do you pick from: Cherry blossoms in Spring Snow festivals …
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How to Book Flights

Step 3: How to Book Your Flights to Japan: My Advice for Cheap Flights & Japan Visa

Ok so you’ve made your Japan Bucket List and you’ve picked when you’re going to visit, the next big thing is to book those flights and get your Japan visa baby! I remember when my boyfriend surprised me with the good news that he was able to get time off …
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What is the best accommodation in Japan

Step 4: What is the best accommodation in Japan?

It’s time to pick a place to stay but what is the best accommodation in Japan? Luckily Japan has so many different types of accommodation on offer to suit all budgets. When you’re planning it’s always good to look at all options, especially in peak seasons if accommodation is booking …
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Discounts & Passes for Japan

Step 5: Discounts and Passes for Japan 2018 Guide

When I was planning my trip I spent a lot of my time looking for discounts and passes for the cities I was staying in. It saved me money in the long run because I didn’t need to buy a 21 day Japan Rail Pass, I only needed a 14 …
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How to Create A Japan Travel Budget

Step 6: How to Create a Japan Travel Budget

Creating a Japan Travel Budget is an essential step that you must do before getting to the country. For me, the budget is a culmination of all my research and planning for my trip, so I actually find it quite fun! Take this time to sit down and write down …
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