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Step 1: The Ultimate Bucket List for Japan

Alright, so you’ve been dreaming about Japan and all the things you want to see and do.  Or maybe you just know that Japan is a fun and crazy place. The first thing to do is to sit down and make your bucket list or get your FREE Japan Bucket List Printable from me!

The Ultimate Bucket List for Japan - Free Printable

Why have a bucket list?

Having a bucket list is essential to begin planning your trip because you can figure out what is most important to you. What are the top things you must see when you are there? What do you want to eat and what kind of places do you want to stay at? By asking these questions and ticking off the definite must do’s it will give you direction on planning.

It can help you map out where to spend your time in Japan. If you’ve ticked mostly Tokyo sightseeing then you know you will be spending your time there. If you ticked a mixture like Tokyo, Kyoto and Osaka then you’ll have to plan travelling between those cities.

The Bucket list can spark inspiration

When you start ticking off your bucket list it can inspire you to research what else there is to see and do.  Want to visit Arashiyama Bamboo Forest in Kyoto but don’t know what else there is to do? Research traditional temples in Kyoto or try a crazy ramen restaurant.

Most of my six months of research were spent finding amazing and unique experiences just based off searching one idea or place. I found out things like where to rent a kimono, going to the world’s most beautiful Cherry Blossom festival and where to go anime figure shopping.

Helps you with your budget

Growing your bucket list allows you to create a special and unique holiday. Most of all it helped me with budgeting. When I knew I wanted to see specific things, like going to Tokyo DisneySea, I planned for it in my budget. There’s nothing worse than running out of money on your holiday! I was able to find pricing for almost everything in Japan, like restaurants and train tickets. Everything was added to my budget so there were no surprise expenses!

Planning a trip to Japan? Continue on with my Step by Step Guide!

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