Japanese in Australia

I’m going back to Japanese School!

I’ve decided to enter the magical world of vlogging and suprisingly it was much more fun then I thought. I tend to get nervous in front of the camera and thought I would struggle talking. I’ve said to myself that I’m going to practise and to just try. You can never get better unless you try!

Which brings me to my second point that I’ve going back to Japanese language school here in Melbourne. My close friend Laneth and I had been going to school at the beginning of the year and stuck it out for 3 terms. We had to take a break because we both realised that we had forgotten everything from the beginning of the year.

I don’t want to give up trying to learn Japanese and I want my main focus to be on getting better at conversations. I’ve remembered all the hiragana and have started with katakana and I thought I can always just write very basic Japanese.

Everyday I spend time on a couple of Japanese language apps practising remembering words in Japanese and sentence structure. I usually practise in bed and my husband is slowly picking up words too (he keeps saying seyunegi and coconattsu!). 

This video is the first one in my journey of learning Japanese. I hope to document my progress over the next year and hopefully see some improvement. Wish me luck!

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