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Free Tokyo Bucket List Download

If you are like me then you have dreamt of visiting the land of Sunrise. There is no better year to visit than in 2020! Tokyo will be home to the Olympics in 2020 and there will be so much on offer for travellers such as yourself. With the Tokyo Bucket List download, you will be able to plan your perfect trip to Japan.

Did I mention it was free?

The Free Tokyo Bucket List Download has all the top recommended places to visit in Tokyo along with some of my own suggestions to make it an amazing trip. Visit places like Tokyo Sky Tree, Senso-ji Temple, Harajuku and the nightlife in Shinjuku. The Tokyo Bucket List is a visual guide to help you imagine the wonderful places in Tokyo you will visit.

What You Need To Know About Tokyo

Tokyo is the capital city of Japan and home to 36 million people! Tokyo roughly translates to ‘new Kyoto’ as it only became the capital of Japan in 1890. This city is a metropolis of fashion, technology and Michelin star restaurants. Whether you are a foodie, budget traveller or an anime lover there is something for everyone in this gigantic city.

Download the Tokyo Bucket List

Free Tokyo Bucket List Download
Free Tokyo Bucket List Download

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