Does your bucket list for Japan keep growing and growing?

Since I was a teenager I had been dreaming of visiting Japan. To me, it seemed like a place full of wonder, beauty and excitement. I had spent so much time obsessively watching anime, reading manga and going to Japan festivals here in Australia that I knew I had to visit one day in person.

A Little Bit About Me

About Me - Jasmine Velickovic at Konnichiwa Japan

Hi, I’m Jasmine Velickovic aka a Japan enthusiast.

Japan has stood out to me as a destination that changes your life. I’ve travelled to many places including England, Spain, Italy, Greece, Serbia, France, USA, Cambodia, Fiji, Thailand, Bali and of course around my home country of Australia. I’ve travelled solo, with my family, with my boyfriend, with friends and with a tour but I have to say my favourite thing to do is plan a holiday myself. When it came to my planning my Japan holiday I became obsessed!

I took over 6 months to plan my trip to Japan and it exceeded all my expectations. There are many people out there who are ‘go with the flow’ kind of travellers and decide what to do when they get there. Then there is ‘extreme itinerary down to the very minute’ travellers. I’m somewhere in between. I will spend a lot of time working on planning my holiday but am open to unexpected surprises or new explorations when I get there. It’s finding the right balance between going to your must-see destinations and trying something new.

Here’s how I can help you

Jasmine walking down a street in Asakusa

I made this blog because I found that there was so much information out there about travelling to Japan that I would spend hours every day sifting through. I wanted to make one central place you could use when planning your trip. From guides to different cities, transportation, budgeting, cultural experiences, accommodation, food recommendations I want this blog to be your one stop shop.

I love planning so much that if you have any questions not answered on my blog please feel free to Contact Me.



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