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20 Amazing Airbnbs in Tokyo for Under $200 – 2018 Edition

Have you caught the Tokyo fever? Nearly every week I get emails for amazing flight deals to Tokyo and I’ve got to say it’s pretty hard to resist. If you’ve got Tokyo on your mind, then it’s never been cheaper or easier for you to visit!

This year Japan has brought about a big change in the Airbnb landscape due to the upcoming Olympics in 2020. Due to the demand for accommodation for both local and international travellers alike, the Government have expanded their minpaku laws to allow more Airbnbs on the market. What does this mean for you? All new amazing and cheap accommodation for you to stay in!

If you are trying to decide whether to stay in an Airbnb, hostel or hotel, I have a great guide on What is The Best Accommodation in Japan.

Airbnb is a great choice for travellers wanting a slice of the local life. The reason I recommend using an Airbnb is because you can try out things that are quintessential to Japanese home life. Like Japanese bathtub/shower combos, figuring out the crazy buttons on the washing machine and cooking in the tiniest kitchens. While doing these things at home sound mundane, doing them the Japanese way is so much more exciting and fun!

25 Amazing Airbnbs in Tokyo for Under $200 - Bed Anime Gif

I’ve put together this list of 25 Amazing Airbnbs in Tokyo for Under $100 to help you find the perfect accommodation.

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The Airbnb listings I have featured today meet my following requirements:

  • Located in a good suburb
  • Located near a train station
  • Clean and good decor
  • $100 or less a night!

Let’s begin the 20 amazing airbnbs in Tokyo for under $200

Please note: The listings may change over time and may or may not be listed on Airbnb at the time of viewing.

1. A Totoro Lover’s Paradise [Suginami-ku]

25 Amazing Airbnbs in Tokyo for Under $200 - Totoro Airbnb

Photo Credit: Airbnb

How could you not want to cuddle with these two adorable Totoro plushies? This compact apartment is located near the Nishi-Ogikubo station and can sleep up to four people. One night here will set you back $113AUD. Check out  15mins Shinjyuku GHIBLI Mus![107]

2. Traditional Japan a stone’s throw away from hot springs [Sugamo]

25 Amazing Airbnbs in Tokyo for Under $200 - Traditional Japan a stone's throw away from hot spring

Photo Credit: Airbnb

The beautiful apartment has refined Japanese decor and this incredibly comfy looking hammock. This Airbnb is located near the Sugamo station, away from the hustle and bustle of the city centre where you can explore local markets and the hot springs.  One night here will cost you around $119AUD. Check out Hidden 2Story Gem – TOKYO HIDEAWAY!.

3. Light and Airy [Shinjuku]

25 Amazing Airbnbs in Tokyo for Under $200 - Light and Airy in Shinjuku

Photo Credit: Airbnb

Natural light fills this compact space and ticks all the boxes for minimalist design.  Perfect for a couple who are looking for a slice of Shinjuku life. This place is located near the Ushigome-Kagurazaka station and will set you back only $85 a night. Have a peek at Station 1min, Shinjuku Ueno 8min, cool & relaxing room

4. Fifty Shades of Grey [Shinjuku]

25 Amazing Airbnbs in Tokyo for Under $200 - 50 Shades of Grey

Photo Credit: Airbnb

I have to say I’m loving the moody charcoal vibes in this apartment. The modern and neat interior design make this small apartment feel luxurious. I love that there is a desk space, perfect for anyone who is video editing or blogging on their travels! A little bit of a walk from Seibu-Shinjuku station this apartment says it can fit 3 people? Maybe if one curls up at your feet like a cat! The apartment is a bargain at $82 a night. Have a look at Shinjuku Central Modern Apt! 4 min from station#46

5. Living the high life in Harajuku [Shibuya]

25 Amazing Airbnbs in Tokyo for Under $200 - Living the High Life in Harajuku

Photo credit: Airbnb

Two words for you: Hot tub. Do you want to know what it’s like to bubble away in a hot tub while overlooking Harajuku? Then this is the place for you! The inside of the apartment is quite simple but honestly after a long day of sightseeing you’re going to be relaxing in this baby. A walk away from the Meiji-jingumuae Station, you and your lover can stay here for $128AUD a night. Hop over to Big sale! In Harajuku with Huge Jacuzzi #5

6. Frugal with a hint of retro [Shibuya]

25 Amazing Airbnbs in Tokyo for Under $200 - Frugal with a hint of retro

Photo Credit: Airbnb

If you are the type of traveller that barely spends any time at their accommodation because you’re out partying, then this place is for you. The tiny apartment has just the essentials like traditional futon beds and a tiny one burner stove top. The biggest selling point is that it’s $19AUD a night and short train ride away from all the big sites. Take a gander at For minimalists! Traditional Japanese retro 206

7. Convenient and cosy [Toshima]

25 Amazing Airbnbs in Tokyo for Under $200 - Convenient and Cosy

Photo Credit: Airbnb

The apartment is in the heart of Ikebukuro and is a great jumping-off point to get to all the sites. It’s a clean and functional space with two double beds, great for budget travelling families. The host adds a sweet touch of hospitality with amenities and towels. Best of all it’s only $82AUD a night! Take a peek at  Ikebukuro 5min Free Wifi near Shinjuku

8. Pop goes my heart [Toshima]

25 Amazing Airbnbs in Tokyo for Under $200 - Pop Goes My Heart

Photo Credit: Airbnb

When I saw this apartment it totally made me think in movies how they make college/university students rooms look. Practical, cute and colourful it’s the perfect squeeze of life. If only my room in University looked like this! The apartment is a 5-minute walk from Ikebukuro station and comes with a free pocket wifi for all you frugal travellers. This sweetheart costs $99 a night. Take a look at Best location, 2mins JR IKEBUKURO Station #11

9. Modern mocha [Shinjuku]

25 Amazing Airbnbs in Tokyo for Under $200 - Modern Mocha

Photo Credit: Airbnb

This modern mocha delight is brimming with amenities and in a great location. Superb for couples, you have everything you need to cook, work and relax. Located near the Akebonobashi station, this deluxe studio apartment only costs $56AUD a night! Have a look at New!! 2min Station-Near Shinjuku Luxury house#42

10. Ninja nights [Shibuya]

25 Amazing Airbnbs in Tokyo for Under $200 - Ninja House

Photo Credit: Airbnb

Self described as ‘the Ninja House’ this narrow rustic apartment is jam packed over multiple levels. I would recommend this for the more adventurous travellers who are looking to come away with a story! Located near the Hatagaya Station, you can become a ninja for $83AUD a night. Sneak up on this place The NINJA house near Shinjuku

11. The art of Japanese hospitality [Asakusa]

25 Amazing Airbnbs in Tokyo for Under $200 - Sipping on Green Tea

Photo Credit: Airbnb

Were you thinking of staying in a traditional Japanese Inn (Ryokan), but don’t have the cash? I think this place would be a great alternative! The interior is styled like a Japanese Inn complete with a sit-down tea table. This charming abode is located in the heart of Asakusa and is so cheap at $69AUD  a night! Enjoy looking at the Japanese-style guest house near Asakusa & Skytree

12. Bright and Airy [Katsuhika]

25 Amazing Airbnbs in Tokyo for Under $200 - Bright & Airy

Photo Credit: Airbnb

The ideal blend of modern furnishings and authentic Japanese design, this spacious apartment is great for couples and families. The host has put a great amount of detail in making sure you have a comfortable stay. Located near the Keisi Tateishi train station, this beautiful apartment only costs $103AUD a night. Have a look at 2 Bedrooms JP-style + Portable Wi-Fi

13. Beautiful Blue in Tokyo [Sumida]

25 Amazing Airbnbs in Tokyo for Under $200 - Beautiful Blue in Tokyo

Photo Credit: Airbnb

I really can’t resist anything with a Totoro and this cute apartment has everything you need. The key feature for me is a stunning rooftop balcony that overlooks the Asakusa area. I could imagine sipping sake and watching the world go by… Located near the Oshiage Station and is only $57AUD  a night. Say hello to R303–Skytree 8mins, Airport directly, Asakusa 3mins

14. Dreams under the tree [Shinjuku]

25 Amazing Airbnbs in Tokyo for Under $200 - Dreams Under the Tree

Photo Credit: Airbnb

The little tree apartment is compact and impeccable and would be best suited to those looking for an extended time in Tokyo. It comes with a kitchen and laundry if you’re looking to save some money and take care of yourself on a 2 week or longer trip. This compact cutie is located near the Seibu-Shinjuku Station and is very affordable at $89AUD a night. Take a squiz at SHINJUKU 3M Perfect Location Relax and Cozy

15. Rock n Roll [Shinjuku]

25 Amazing Airbnbs in Tokyo for Under $200 - Rock n Roll

Photo Credit: Airbnb

I have to say a very interesting choice of wallpaper, I think the rocks are made to give it a natural feel? Best suited for a solo traveller in this tiny space, just think of all the fun you can have with those samurai swords? A short walk from Shin-Okubo station, the apartment is located close to all the main sights. This baby will cost you $139AUD a night. Have a browse at New! Shinjuku 2min Shinkubo 4min

16. Communal Fun [Sumida]

25 Amazing Airbnbs in Tokyo for Under $200 - Communal Fun

Photo Credit: Airbnb

There are two big selling points to this glorious square house: 1. A dog named Sakura lives here and 2. It’s a 4 bedroom townhouse perfect for people travelling in large groups! The rooms are neat and tidy, with a large communal lounge and kitchen area. Situated between the Sumida River and Tokyo Skytree, this townhouse is in a great location. Did I mention the best part is that it’s only $34AUD a night for one room?! Say hello to the Welcoming house near Tokyo Sky Tree

17. Little Lumberjack in Big Tokyo [Katsushika]

25 Amazing Airbnbs in Tokyo for Under $200 - Little Lumberjack in Big Tokyo

Photo Credit: Airbnb

When lumberjacks go on holiday I imagine that they stay in places like this. It ticks all the boxes like plaid bed sheets and wooden everything. When you need a breath of fresh air you can head up to the rooftop balcony. Located between the Naka River and the Keisei Tateishi Station, it boasts that it’s only a 3-minute walk from a burger restaurant. For $63AUD you can’t go wrong with that. Put down the axe and have a look at  Factory Roof-Top! +Portable Wi-Fi

18. Minimalist Elegance [Kanamecho]

25 Amazing Airbnbs in Tokyo for Under $200 - Minimalist Elegance

Photo Credit: Airbnb

Stunning views of Tokyo with room to boot. I can imagine myself sitting at this large dining table, drinking my morning coffee while watching the sun come up. The bedroom has a big double bed with lots of room for a suitcase. The nearest station is Kanamecho and will set you back $127AUD  a night.  Enjoy the views at Modern + Amazing Views Apt | Ikebukuro FE11

19. Crossover Modern Meets Traditional Japanese Lodge

25 Amazing Airbnbs in Tokyo for Under $200 - Crossover Modern Meets Japanese Lodge

Photo Credit: Airbnb

I love love this place so much. The aesthetic, the traditional futon beds and a great size kitchen. This place has two bedrooms and would be great for couples travelling together. You can find this place between the Naka River and Keisei Tateishi Station for $158AUD  a night. Hop over to 2 Bed Room + 2 Toilets + Free Pocket Wi-Fi

20. Chic Vogue in Tokyo [Shinjuku]

25 Amazing Airbnbs in Tokyo for Under $200 - Chic Vogue

Photo Credit: Airbnb

This place is fresh, clean and crisp and looks something straight out of Vogue interior design section. You have all you need here with a small living room area, kitchen and bathroom with the works. Near the Nishi Waseda Station, you are only a few stops away from downtown Shinjuku. This place is very affordable at $89AUD a night. Enjoy Free Portable Wifi! Near Shinjuku, Duplex APT #16

Want to find out more great tips for visiting Tokyo?

Did any of these places tickle your fancy? Let me know in the comments which Airbnb you would like to stay in

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