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20 Amazing Airbnbs in Kyoto Under $200

Kyoto will delight you like no other city in Japan. It’s sprawling zen gardens and dominos of red Torii gates leaves one thoroughly enchanted. However, Kyoto tends to be on the more expensive side when it comes to accommodation, and Airbnb is a great way to explore the city without breaking the budget.

This year Japan has brought about a big change in the Airbnb landscape due to the upcoming Olympics in 2020. Due to the demand for accommodation for both local and international travellers alike, the Government have expanded their minpaku laws to allow more Airbnbs on the market. What does this mean for you? All new amazing and cheap accommodation for you to stay in!

If you are trying to decide whether to stay in an Airbnb, hostel, or hotel, I have a great guide on What is The Best Accommodation in Japan.

Airbnb is a great choice for travellers wanting a slice of the local life. The reason I recommend using Airbnb is because you can try out things that are quintessential to Japanese home life. Like Japanese bathtub/shower combos, figuring out the crazy buttons on the washing machine, and cooking in the tiniest kitchens. While doing these things at home sounds mundane, doing them the Japanese way is so much more exciting and fun!

I’ve put together this list of 25 Amazing Airbnbs in Kyoto for Under $200 to help you find the perfect accommodation.

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The Airbnb listings I have featured today meet my following requirements:

  • Located in a good suburb
  • Located near a train station
  • Clean and good decor
  • $200 or less a night!

Let’s begin the 20 amazing airbnbs in Kyoto for under $200

Please note: The listings may change over time and may or may not be listed on Airbnb at the time of viewing.

20 Amazing Airbnbs in Kyoto Under $200

1. Historic and Elegant Suite in a Former Ryokan [near Kyoto Aquarium]

A perfect blend of traditional and zen, I can’t resist this old world charm in Kyoto.

2. 4ppl Garden view! Gorgeous house [Central Kyoto]

This room is light and airy with plenty of room for 4 people. The best thing it’s smack bang between Nijo Castle and the Kyoto Imperial Castle, with a train station a stone’s throw away.

3. Traditional MACHIYA House [Butsugoyacho]

Machiya houses were best known as Merchant townhouses back in the day and a great way to experience some history. This cosy Machiya is a short walk to Kyoto Tower and Nishiki Market.

4. Spacious loft. Accessible to Kyoto stn, Arashiyama [Shimogocho]

This loft may have all the trimmings of the modern world but is situated in a beautiful old part of Kyoto. Enjoy exploring the local udon restaurants and craft stores. 

5. The Cocoon Room of Downtown Kyoto [Nakagyo Ward]

This place caught my eye as it’s just so different and unusual – I love it! It’s super close to the Kyoto Manga Museum, Nijo Castle and Imperial Palace.

6. Enjoy a townhouse with 80 years of history! Japanese room (Double-size mattress) with wi-fi [Kamigyo Ward]

This could be your oasis after a long day of sightseeing. Enjoy sitting on the rustic balcony overlooking the perfectly pruned garden. Best of all it’s located in Central Kyoto near all the sights.

7. Fluffy Koo’s “Registered” Homestay

Anyone who names their Airbnb after their cat is a winner in my eyes! This place looks like lots of fun and a great chance to meet some locals. This lovely home is located right in the middle of three local temples.  Did I mention the hosts love making their guests breakfast?!

8. House of Kyoto Room [Nakagyo Ward]

Clean and spacious, you get to enjoy a slice of Kyoto life. Best of all you can go for a short 10 minute stroll to Nishiki Market in the morning and grab some breakfast.

9. New & Modern Studio [Nakagyo Ward] 

I love the architecture and interior design of this place – super sleek and fancy. The host also has bicycles you can rent to explore the local area. 

10. Guesthouse Umeya triple room with Garden [Kamigyo-ku]

I live and die for the garden at this place. I can imagine sipping green tea at the end of long day while listening to the wind in the garden. It’s conveniently located near the Kinkakuji Temple aswell. 

11. Maison à Kyoto Amanogawa [near Yasaka Shrine]

A home away from home, this beatiful and tidy house has room to spare. Best of all it comes with a kitchen so you can save on making breakfast.

12. 4min Kyoto sta & free wifi cozy room [near Kyoto Station]

This place is perfect for a solo traveller or a couple. I love the traditional details like the wall hangings and tea setting.

13. Kyoto Traditional House【Kotone Inn 小都音】[Kamigyo Ward]

I would love to know the secret to how Kyotoites have perfectly tidy houses? How do they do it? You’ll enjoy this place if you have OCD! It’s not far from the Imperial Palace either.

14. Townhouse near Nijo castle(Freebikes&Pocket WiFi) [Nakagyo Ward]

A great one for you adventurous explorers out there because this place has free bicycles and wifi! The townhouse is located in Central Kyoto right near Nijo Castle.

15. Spacious loft. Accessible to Kyoto stn, Arashiyama [Shimogyo Ward]

I think this place is ideal if you’re travelling with your family or group of friends because it’s got lots of beds and space. For my budget travellers out there this place also has a kitchen so you can save on eating out. 

16. MAGASINN KYOTO | Stay in a Kyoto local magazine! [Kamigyo Ward]

This apartment is minimalist and quaint, perfect for the light backpacker. For extra spice, it’s on the top floor of a magazine company – how cool!

17. Walking distance to JR Station! FREE BIKE 8-5n [Nakagyo Ward]

A cozy and cute apartment that has all the essentials a travel to need plus a bonus free bike you can zip around town on. It’s located in the heart of Kyoto.

18. Traditional Art-House Easy access to Nara/Osaka [outskirts of Kyoto]

A unique space that has been designed with beautiful artwork by local Kyoto artists. Perfect for a group travelling to Kyoto!

19. Charming Kyoto Machiya – Bicycles provided

A self described charming little Machiya would be great for couple travellers looking for some alone time. They can even give you both bikes to ride hand-in-hand around the city.

20. Kyoto&Kiyomizu 8min Cozy Quiet Arthouse [Higashiyama Ward]

Another woody goody for ya! As you can see it has an essential slipper rack that we all require when travelling. This place also makes it easy peasy to get to Kiyomizu-dera!

Your host will need a copy of your passport
Under the law, when you check in, your host is required to record guest information such as name, address, occupation, and nationality. If you don’t live in Japan, your host is required to request your passport and keep a copy of it for recording purposes.


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Are you planning a trip to Kyoto?

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