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10 Amazing Autumn Things To Do in Japan

There’s so much focus on visiting Japan in the Spring *chants cherry blossoms* that it’s easy to forget Japan is beautiful in all seasons. The underrated and most exceptional time of the year to visit Japan is in Autumn. 

Autumn is from September to November and is a great time to travel because you’ll find that accommodation and flights tend to be cheaper! More money in your pocket to do amazing things. Everyone tends to just promote the beautiful red and orange scenery at this time of the year but there’s so much more to see and do!

Let’s get you inspired to experience Autumn in Japan!

1. Meiji Shrine Autumn Festival (Nov 1st – 3rd)

10 Most Amazing Things to Do in Autumn in Japan - Meiji Shrine Autumn Festival
Vibrant yellow tunnel walking into Meiji Shrine

Meiji Shrine is a must see when you come to Tokyo and there’s no better time to visit then when it’s in full Autumn glory. Tunnels of glistening yellow and orange leaves line the park and will leave you breathless. The Meiji Shrine Autumn Festival is in honour of the Emperor’s Birthday and I’m sure there will be a big party happening! 

2. Try all the chestnut and sweet potato things!

10 Most Amazing Things to Do in Autumn in Japan -Starbucks Sweet Potato and Chestnut Frappe
Starbucks always has seasonal drinks in Japan – like this Sweet Potato & Chestnut Frappe!

Japan prides itself on making dishes and drinks that use the freshest seasonal ingredients. Many restaurants will only use Autumn ingredients like sweet potato, chestnut, mushrooms, taro, pumpkin and salmon. Make sure you try these dishes as you will be blown away by the flavour. If you’re looking for something crazy, try the Sweet Potato frappe from Starbucks or Chocolate Pumpkin fries from McDonalds!

3. Happy Halloween in Tokyo (31st October)

Halloween is my favourite time of the year (and I’m not even American!) and boy does Tokyo know how to do a party! Thousands of Japanese dress up in costumes and flood the streets of Shibuya. You can buy a unique Halloween costume like Sailor Moon or plan a crazy group costume.

10 Most Amazing Things to Do in Autumn in Japan - Halloween Anime Gif

4. Jidai Matsuri in Kyoto (Oct 22nd)

10 Most Amazing Things to Do in Autumn in Japan - Jidai Matsuri in Kyoto
Experience the tradition and customs of Kyoto

This festival looks absolutely amazing because you’ve got Shinto shrine maidens, bowmen on horseback and lots of beautiful kimono. The Jidai Matsuri is in celebration of the foundation of Kyoto and is always held on October 22nd. Described as a ‘Festival of the Ages’ participants wear costumes from all points of history and is a great opportunity to learn more about Japanese history.

5. Takayama Autumn Matsuri (9th & 10th Oct)

10 Most Amazing Things to Do in Autumn in Japan -Takayama Autumn Matsuri
Enjoy the beautiful floats at the Takayama Autumn Matsuri

Spring time isn’t the only time for festivals in Japan and you can get into the spirit at the Takayama Autumn Matsuri. Ranked as one of the top three most beautiful festivals in Japan it will certaintly be an amazing experience. Enjoy the lantern shrines as they make their way through time and celebrate with a cup of sake. 

6. Sip refreshing biru (beer) at Octoberfest (18th Oct)

10 Most Amazing Things to Do in Autumn in Japan - Oktoberfest in Japan
Oktoberfest is celebrated ever year in Tokyo

Why go all the way to Germany when you can experience Oktoberfest in Tokyo? Tokyo sets up huge beer gardens, terraces, and even hosts a drinking party in the Tokyo Dome. Good fun and a great chance to meet some local Tokyoites. 

7. Enjoy the splendour at Kitaku Fireworks Festival (29th Sept)

Do you like fireworks? How about 7,777 fireworks?! I feel like my dad would absolutely love this festival as he’s always loved a good firework show. The Kitaku Fireworks Festival is truly spectacular as Japan does fireworks like no other country. 

8. Blowing bubbles at a Kingyo Exhibition (6th July – 24th Sept)

10 Most Amazing Things to Do in Autumn in Japan -  Koi Fish at Art Aquarium

‘Kingyo’ is Japanese for their beautiful, elegant koi fish and this exhibit has been put together to celebrate these gorgeous creatures. Enjoy hundreds of beautiful koi fish in this ‘Art Aquarium‘ or for something a bit fancier go for a date night! 

9. Game on at the Tokyo Game Show! (22nd & 23rd Sept)

10 Most Amazing Things to Do in Autumn in Japan - Tokyo Game Show
Tokyo Game Show is on from 21st to 23rd September

Tokyo Game Show is one of the largest gaming exhibitions in the world and at the frontier of so many amazing games. A huge two days packed with game releases, indie games on the rise and plenty of cosplay. Don’t worry about games being in Japanese – just go along and have some fun 🙂 

10. Smell the sweat and tears at a Sumo Match

The sumo wrestler is such an iconic figure for many tourists when they think of Japan. The closest you may get at home is wearing one of those inflatable sumo suits, coming to Japan you can experience the real action. You can buy a ticket directly through the official Sumo tournament website with tickets starting at around $38.00. 

Are you excited about these Amazing Autumn events in Japan? Let me know in the comments which one you’d like to do!

Want more inspiration for your trip to Japan?

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